Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Top of the day to You! Lately, I've been rather busy, yet relaxed...is that possible? I guess I'm feeling that way because I have been busying myself with things that I completely enjoy. a) seeing more clients in therapy, b) planning bits and pieces of the wedding, c) figuring out how to volunteer more, d) hitting the gym more frequently, e) watching the Olympics. Go team USA!!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@sheelo) you would have noticed that this past weekend Karl and I went up to Orange County to volunteer at my sister's work function. We raised money during a glamorous evening gala to keep homeless families off the streets and back on their feet. We also went chapel shopping! It was so fun to check out such beautiful chapels and sanctuaries that are nearby. We still haven't decided whether to just get married in the courtyard/ garden of our reception venue, or to hold the ceremony in a chapel...I guess I will have to figure out all the details with my wedding planner, whom I am scheduled to meet with this weekend. 

Cheers to a great rest of the day! Stay active, and stay passionate, Plummies! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Series: Groom's Attire

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TGIF! Man, oh man, this week has been grueling for me. Too much work, not enough play. I cannot wait to for this Saturday because I will get to have fun volunteering raising money for homeless families in Orange County at my sister's work function. 

In regards to this week's Wedding Series topic, let's discuss the groom's 'fit, shall we? Aside from the bridal gown, the groom's attire will be one of the main highlights on the big day. 

As you can tell, we have decided to go with a "Mad Men-esque", 50's-themed look for the groom. I love the idea of the skinny tie because it feels very nostalgic, yet chic and modern at the same time. 

Since the wedding will take place in a garden courtyard, the idea of wearing a very formal black suit went out the window. Instead, we opted for a softer, more casual charcoal gray color.

What are some of your thoughts? Should we do a bow tie and suspender deal instead? Ascot?  

Have a lovely weekend, Plummies! Xo

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Series: The Dress

Source: shopbop.com via Sheilah on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Sheilah on Pinterest
                                                                                      Source: fashionising.com  

I'm Baaaaaaaaack! (Im actually sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight to NorCal). As many of you might have noticed, I've been MIA lately. My apologies. After graduation, beginning an internship, Spain, and getting engaged, all in a 6 week period, things kinda get crazy. Thank you to all of you, loyal Plummies who have been emailing me and FBing me well wishes. You guys are amazing!

Anyhow, since I am now a "Fiancé" (gosh, that sounds so sophisticated), I thought of inviting you to come along with me on our wedding planning journey!

Today Is the official kick off of Lady in Plum's "Wedding Series". Each week I will post a topic related to an aspect of the wedding I am currently working on. I obviously had to begin the series with, THE DRESS! :) It would be great to bounce ideas off of you and get your input on things. And of course, in true Lady in Plum fashion, this wedding will be centered around a BUDGET, CREATIVITY, SIMPLICITY, and what is most meaningful to Karl and I.

The big day isn't til September 2013, so there is ample time to relax, and plan without rushing. Thanks for celebrating our engagement with us!

Now, I must board a flight to San Jose (I am a bridesmaid in one of my best friends' wedding). Congrats Matt and Melissa!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

BRITE (Brown + White)

Hi Plummies! Happy Friday morning to you. Here are a few snappies of my recent time in Madrid. I thought I would share with you a very unexpected and rather versatile Summer color combination: brown and white! Contrary to the belief that brown is only suitable in the Fall, I actually had plenty of fun pairing my brown top with white shorts. In fact, I thought it went quite lovely with my new leopard sandals (Zara). Don't cha think?

Spoil yourself this weekend. Xoxo, Sheel

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Series: Up Dos

Wedding Up Dos

Happy Thursday, Plummies! What compliments a dress more than an awesome hair do, right? I am a bit conflicted on whether to wear my locks up, down, or half and half.

Today we will focus on Up Dos. Above are some great examples of "Boho" styles (on the top), and "Elegant" styles (bottom). The elegant dos offer soft low buns that just ooze classic-simplicity, while the Boho dos offer laid-back, whimsical braids. I can see myself rockin' any of these styles on the big day. I guess I'm just gonna have to test them out before hand to figure out which works and feels more "me"...

Which do you prefer?
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