Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Top of the day to You! Lately, I've been rather busy, yet relaxed...is that possible? I guess I'm feeling that way because I have been busying myself with things that I completely enjoy. a) seeing more clients in therapy, b) planning bits and pieces of the wedding, c) figuring out how to volunteer more, d) hitting the gym more frequently, e) watching the Olympics. Go team USA!!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@sheelo) you would have noticed that this past weekend Karl and I went up to Orange County to volunteer at my sister's work function. We raised money during a glamorous evening gala to keep homeless families off the streets and back on their feet. We also went chapel shopping! It was so fun to check out such beautiful chapels and sanctuaries that are nearby. We still haven't decided whether to just get married in the courtyard/ garden of our reception venue, or to hold the ceremony in a chapel...I guess I will have to figure out all the details with my wedding planner, whom I am scheduled to meet with this weekend. 

Cheers to a great rest of the day! Stay active, and stay passionate, Plummies! 


  1. Cool instagrams! That sounds like such a great event for such a good cause :)

    1. Paulina, yea it was so much fun! And of course, doing things to help others always makes you feel good. ;)


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