Friday, August 9, 2013

Bridal Shower Attire

Bridal Shower Attire

Vero Moda short dress, $54 / Ted Baker studded high heel shoes / Cole Haan / Forever New chronograph watch, $27 / Forever New flower earrings, $9.06 / Burberry / Rosebud Perfume Co. sugar lip treatment / Essie nail polish, $17

Hello Plummies! Tomorrow is my bridal shower, and I kinda figured I'd give ya a sneak peek at my outfit. Simple, monochromatic, and most importantly: comfy.  

The wedding is about a month away and I am surprisingly not feeling stressed (yet). Let's hope this smooth sailing lasts. Alrighty, well, I am off to the Del Mar horse races with my co-workers. What an awesome day at work, huh? I gotta say, my boss is pretty amazing. 

Have a blessed weekend, and remember to focus on things that bring you happiness. Xo

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mint Meets Nude

Mint Meets Nude

Evening dress, $30 / Ann Taylor multi colored high heels / Teardrop earrings / Biba real leather belt, $44 / Jo Malone fragrance, $57 / MAC Cosmetics beauty product, $20

I had the pleasure of attending one of the most beautiful weddings this past weekend. We flew all the way to Michigan and celebrated Heather and Tyler's marriage. Heather was a picturesque bride; something you might find on the cover of The Knot, or on the latest Wedding Chicks' post. She was absolutely stunning, as were the details of the day. From the wooden hand-held fans during the ceremony, to the locally-prepared chocolate truffle favors; it was all so beautiful. 

As for me, I had fun dressing for the occasion! A few weeks back I snagged a minty F21 dress for nearly nada, and paired it with suede Ann Taylor heels. I wanted something that a) was comfy, and b) helped make my pasty self look somewhat tan. I kinda loved how the combo turned out. 

It was great to be around such loving people. I am excited to soon be a part of such a considerate, supportive, motivated, and adventurous bunch. 

Cheers to Love, and Cheers to Family! 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Ok, I have been seriously contemplating chopping the mane. Honestly, I will probably wait until after the wedding, but right afterwards I wanna liberate myself from my long locks. There is something to be said about the effortless style and convenience that comes with shorter hair, and I want in! I am thinking: shoulder length, and plenty of long layers. If all goes well, I may perhaps ditch the granny bun, and actually style my hair every once in awhile. 

Have a fabulous, beginning of the week, Plummies! Xoxo

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Series: Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

LancĂ´me highlighter makeup / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , $44 / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , $37 / Bare Escentuals lip gloss / Eye makeup, $26

Morning Plummies! The big day is only about 4 months away. Ahhhhh!!! It's crunch time now. In an effort to get organized, I printed blank monthly calendars and posted them up on my office wall. After writing down all the wedding to-dos and important dates on the calendars, I realized that nearly every weekend leading up to September 14th is going to be dedicated to wedding stuff. This week my goal is to print all the invites and rehearsal dinner invites. I have found some beautiful free printables here

In terms of makeup,  I have decided to pull a Kate Middleton, and do it myself (with the help of my lovely friend, Vanessa). I went into Bloomingdales a few weeks ago and purchased a few Bobbi Brown products. Why haven't I used her line in the past!? It's quite effortless-looking! The look I am going for is: rosy pinks and corals, with dramatic lashes, and bold brows. I can't wait for you guys to see!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Office Chic

Office Chic

Chiasso Associate Office Chair - White / CB2 Tps Mint File Cabinet / Georg Jensen HK clock with alarm, stainless steel, $140 / John Robshaw Gold Thank You Stationery / Lemon Sunshine Yellow and Black Decor You Make Me So Happy Phrase... / Essey - Pen Pen Holder, $19 / Acrylic Stapler | / Swedish Art Deco Desk or Table Lamp in Polished Brass / Jimmy Choo Rika mirrored-leather coffee cup sleeve / IKEA Flyt

Some days work truly feels like work; And no matter how many pep-talks you give yourself, or how much caffeine you consume, finishing that one task just seems so difficult. 

Today was one of those days. 

However, I've noticed that since sprucing up my home office, I've actually been more productive. Perhaps its the calming colors, or the physical order of the space that calms me and allows me to stay on task. Who knows! Either way, organized and chic is better than chaotic  and bleak! hehe ;)

Have a productive day, Plummies!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

On My Radar: Ann Taylor



The other day, I wandered into the mall searching for some new heels. Not just any heels; But some very comfortable, not too tall, easy to walk in, can-go-from-the-office-to-a-cocktail-party kind of heels. 

I had always heard (around the blogosphere) that Ann Taylor's "Perfect Pumps" were the way to go, yet I managed to steer clear of them because quite frankly, I had somehow equated the Ann Taylor brand with an "older", more "mature" woman. In my mind, I was "too young to rock the AT". 

Ummmmm...I was surprised to find that not only are their clothes ah-dorable, but AT's heels were just what I was looking for. I purchased a pair of their "Perfect Patent Pumps" in black.  I can definitely rock them in the office with slacks, as well as with a cute LBD. The kicker, I got them for 30% off because they are currently having a massive sale. Cha-Ching! The Perfect Pumps totally live up to their name. 

Take it from a girl who loves heels, but typically only finds them bare-able for the first hour...AT makes me wanna wear heels on a daily basis! (really.)

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Perfect Bag

The O.M.G. (Overnight & Medium Gym) Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

People! I hate to get all giddy over material possessions, but would you look at this bag! Like,'s kind of everything I was hoping for. 

My typical work day keeps me out of my house from 8am-8pm. I go from seeing clients at the school in the morning til late afternoon, to seeing clients at my office in the evening, with little to no break in-between. So, carrying around my daily essentials is crucial. I need to have my laptop, tons of healthy snacks, and various office supplies and clinical forms on hand. For awhile, I've been lugging around 2 canvas tote bags (not the most polished-looking by any means). Now, I may only need one sleek little bag! 

Cheers to convenience and mobile organization! All you busy, on-the-go ladies know what I mean!

*Also, this could work as a discrete uni-sex diaper bag! (Wow, now I am just getting ahead of myself.)

PS. Happy day of birth to my twin sister and I! Yippy for another year of blessings <3

Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Ingredients

Home Ingredients

Jonathan Adler Zig Zag Grey Throw Blanket / Cassidy Tufted White Ottoman / Jonathan Adler letter pillow / Threshold Arc Floor Lamp Silver / Diptyque Figuier (Fig) Candle / Halo Kettle - Dune 1.5 qt / Dachshund Bookends / Crate & Barrel World Map / Jonathan Adler Mr & Mrs Muse Mug, $36 / Console Tables

As many of you know, my fiancĂ© and I recently moved into a new place. Getting our home together has been quite the task for many reasons, a) we are on a limited budget due to the wedding, and b) starting a new job has been taking up the majority of my time and energy. None the less, decorating and organizing has been something I enjoy. 

Above is a list of items I would like to incorporate into our humble abode. Most importantly, the lamp and coffee table are on the top of that list. When I was in San Francisco last weekend, my girlfriends and I stumbled into the Johnathan Adler store on Fillmore Street, and I feel in love with his cute little mugs.  Wouldn't those be just adorable to give as house warming or bridal shower gifts?!

Ok, I gotta tackle a heap of laundry. Ciao!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heading To The Springs

Palm Springs

bandeau bikinisZara strappy dress / Dolce & Gabbana bandeau bikini / Zara shoes / ASOS flat sandals / Reiss / Irene Neuwirth diamond earring / OndadeMar , $175 / Ray-Ban logo sunglasses / Lipstick

Happy Thursday afternoon, Plummies! I gotta say, working for a school district sure does have it's perks! I am officially on Spring Break for the next couple of weeks. Yeeeehhhhhaaaaa! I still have clients to see in the evening hours, but hey, I will take any kind of a break I can get.

April is right around the corner, meaning: I get to celebrate another birthday and I get to attend a good friend's bachelorette party in the ever-relaxing Palm Springs! It's been a few years since I've been, so it will be nice to go back and enjoy company of great people.

Above, I put together a little ensemble of things I am planning to shove into my duffle bag. If you have been following Lady In Plum for awhile now, you've probably noticed that a) I am thrifty, and b) I live in comfortable pieces. I love the look above because the dress is not only easy to wear (and very forgiving), but its able to transition from day to evening by simply swapping the accessories. 

Are any of you on Spring Break?
Do you guys have any Palm Springs restaurant recommendations?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adult Overalls

Source: 1 
Source: via Astrid on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Stylesight

Is it just me, or does the thought of slipping back into overalls just get you giddy with excitement? The idea of wearing them instantly transports me back to lazy summer days a la 5th grade; wherein I didn’t have an afternoon agenda, and my biggest concerns were: figuring out an appropriate hour to start eating the otter pops in the freezer, and configuring the backyard slip and slide.

Not only does nostalgia make the idea of wearing overalls a good idea, but with all those pockets they are just down right convenient! Sure, you have to watch those straps during bathroom visits, but hey…

Good thing I kept my old ones, and I can’t wait to slip them on this weekend; Perhaps over a bathing suit on my way to the pool, or over a tank top while strolling the local farmer’s market. We shall see.

Would you “overall it” again?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Moving Time

Source: Uploaded by user via Rachel o

Morning, Plummies. We are moving into a new place this Friday, so this past weekend was spent going through every cabinet and drawer of our apartment in an effort to either donate, toss, or keep things.  We have already made about four trips to our local Goodwill to donate previously loved belongings. Talk about some major Pre-Spring Cleaning!

Our new place will definitely be an upgrade in terms of appliances and amenities, yet it will be about the same square footage will less storage space. So, we need to be very wise about what we truly need to take along with us. I can honestly say that rummaging through and getting rid of things this weekend  has been rather liberating!

What things can you do without?

PS. Check out a helpful Move Planner here.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Guess what my brother did yesterday...

Yuuuuuppppp...My brother got hitched yesterday! Laura is such an amazing person and we could not be happier to welcome her into our family. Their nuptials took place at the Beverly Hills Court House yesterday at 2pm (Yes, Valentines Day!). 

It was crazy to not only be a part of their big day, but also witness so many couples filter into one building with jitters, love, and close family and friends by their side. It seemed as though the entire building was buzzing with excitement. If you have ever attended a courthouse wedding, you will know exactly what I mean. 

There was a lovely intimacy about not having to worry about the elaborateness and hoop-la of it all. At the end of the day its not about the extravagant venue, fruity cocktails, and unique favors; it's about celebrating love and being surrounded by those who want the best for you. 

Favorite moments of the night: 

  • All of us humming the traditional wedding tune as Laura walked down the isle with her dad.  
  • Shurl and I throwing imaginary rice and flower petals at Sean and Laura after they were hitched.
  • Enjoying dinner together as a large family.

Congrats to my big brother and new sister!  

(More pics to come from my dslr camera)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Light & Airy

1  2   3    4

Top of the Monday morning to you! Today I woke up refreshed and ready to roll out my yoga mat for a quick workout. Somewhere in between drinking my latte and making a smoothie, I got distracted. The mat remained in the closet and I spent time sipping my tea while daydreaming of what our new living room will look like. 

Our new space will still be relatively cozy, so strategizing how to utilize every inch of precious space is in the forefront of my mind. I plan on using a light and neutral color palette because I want to assure that the space feels open and bright in an effort to maximize sunlight and thus aim for it to feel much larger than it actually is. 

A few design details that I would like to include in our living room:
  • tufted couches and chairs 
  • coffee table ottomans
  • a pair of chairs instead of a love seat
  • indoor fig trees
  • colorful vases
  • statement lamps/ candeliers
Have a gorgeous beginning of your week, Plummies!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Hunt is Over!

Ahhhh, so many wonderful things are happening this month, it's unreal. 

The never-ending job hunt ENDED yesterday! Praise the Lord! I still have to sign the contract and go through weeks of training, but man does it feel good to have all of the countless weeks spent applying and interviewing pay off (literally)! 

I will be honest here, the past few months have been extremely difficult at times. Finances were stretched, wedding expenses were piling up, I was not getting the jobs I thought I deserved. My confidence began dwindling. I thought, "What the heck! Is this suppose to be this difficult?" But you know what, I just had to keep reminding myself that things will happen, and they will turn out the way they are meant to turn out. I had to let go of trying to control the situation, because otherwise, I would be grumpy and bitter...and who wants that? The past few months tested my patience and allowed me to intentionally focus on the things that I was grateful for in my life. For that, I am a stronger, more patient, and an even more optimistic person. I am thankful for this waiting game, because it has humbled me. 

In addition to beginning this new position, I will continue to steadily growing my therapy practice, AND Karl and I will be hitting another milestone. We will be saying good bye to our little ol' beach bungalow and hello to a new, swanky one about 15 mins inland. We've decided that we want a fresh new spot to begin our soon-to-be married lives...and the luxury of an on-site gym, pool, and personal washer and dryer doesn't hurt either. Yay, no more scrambling for quarters!

For all of you who are striving for something great. Keep at it. Be patient. And most importantly, focus on practicing gratitude for the things that you already have. 

Cheers to life (and all of it's adversities)!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Love(ly) Month

Oh, Hello February, how nice of you to arrive. I know that you will have plenty of fruitful moments in store for myself and my loved ones. 

Tis the month of "love", which is kinda silly, bc every month should be focused on that very sentiment. In my mind, it's just another great excuse to wear bright pink lipstick, eat chocolate (yes, I am still on my fast, but I will make an exception for the 14th), and fill the house with pale pink flowers. 

Valentines day will be HUGE this year...there is a special moment that I am looking forward to, yet cannot quite reveal just yet. I'll give you more details once it happens, promise.

Oh, here is an update on the never ending job hunt: I am getting extremely close to finding an amazing gig, I can feel it! I am certain things will pan out in the next week or so, and when it does I will let ya'll in on it. In the mean time, I will be hustlin' like a mo'fo with my practice, babysitting gigs, mentoring students, volunteering, and attending local therapy workshops. I have realized that I know how to keep myself quite busy...Ahhhhh, life, it never gets dull.


Have a stunning first day of February, Plummies! AND, let's go Niners!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Ran This Morning

I ran this morning.
Very slowly.
Up a very steep hill.
It sucked.

...I will probably do it again tomorrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Date, or not to Date...

Happy Thursday afternoon, Plummies! After a work meeting this afternoon I found myself hungrily roaming the isles of my neighborhood Trader Joe's. Gotta love that place. I picked up a few things to throw in the crockpot for dinner, and also happen to grab some healthy snacks. Two of which being: dried dates and dehydrated banana chips. Wow! Who knew that this combination could be so satisfying?! The chewiness of the dates paired with the crisp-crunch of the banana made for such a delicious mid-day treat.

Yes, I am still going strong with my coffee/ chocolate fast (read the last post for more info). So plugging more fruit into my diet is giving me the natural boost of energy I need while also calming my sweet tooth.

What are your favorite fruits during the winter months?
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