Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Camel Coating

Happy Hump-day, Plummies! How fitting that I am wearing a camel blazer on hump day. LOL! I know, I know, I was probably the only one who found humor in that one! :) Anyhow, today I dusted off my old bootcut jeans. It actually feels good to wear something other than slacks and skinny jeans for a change. I will be cleaning out my closet in the next few days in an effort to organize my wardrobe and donate things that I haven't touched in years. Perhaps I will be adventurous and wear things that I thought weren't ever gonna make a comeback. 
On that note, who says you have to wait for trends to "come back"anyway? Why not just bring them back on your own time? If you love it and it still fits, give it a whirl! I mean, my goodness, if fanny-packs are coming back, then anything goes!
Blazer: similar here./ Jean: similar here./ Top: similar here./ Heels: similar here

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Raining cats and Benny"

 It was so hilarious to see Benny so fascinated by the rain. 

Yesterday was a rainy one! The weather here in San Diego has been so crazy lately. Sunny and 75 degrees one day, then pouring the next. I suppose we need it, but it definitely puts a damper on things (pun intended). I love warm weather, and all this cold just makes me wanna bundle up, sip hot cocoa, take naps, and do absolutely nothing! Wait...that actually sounds kind of appealing ;)

I hope you take time to do nothing every once in awhile. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Urban Lumber Jack

Urban Lumber Jack

Happy Monday! This post goes out to all the male Plummies. The outfit I've pulled together above was inspired by none-other than: Brawny Man. Why wouldn't anyone wanna be like him? He is rugged, most-likely ubber clean, handsome, and oh-so-chic!
First of all, plaid shirts never, ever go out of style; Second, boots are super durable; and third, beanies make any outfit instantly-cool.

So go ahead, get your Brawny on!


Friday, February 24, 2012



Morning Plummies. What a week it has been! It feels so good to knock some things off my "to-do" list. I was able to tackle my mountain of laundry, squeeze in a couple work outs, organize a bit of my home office, and have dinner with an old friend<---This made my heart really happy <3

I know many of you have been requesting more outfit posts, so guess what...I got some new ones coming up next week :) Also, I will be hosting Lady In Plum's very first Giveaway to thank you loyal Plummies for your support. So stay tuned...

Have a beautiful weekend! 
xoxo, Sheel

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Belt Organization

Howdy, Plummies! Let's talk organization this morning...More specifically, let's talk belt organization.
Selecting the right belt used to be such a hassle; Not because I was indecisive, but because I use to keep my belts in a jumbled-up ball within a dresser drawer. I hated having to dig for them, then untangle them each time. It was pure chaos!

Eventually, I wised up and figured out a solution to put the hideous belt ball to rest. I bought this nifty belt rack for about $7, and it hangs neatly in my closet. Now, I have belts accessible and perfectly organized. Selecting a belt never felt better! 

You can find similar racks at most stores. See here for more options.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Fitness Venture: Pilates

Happy Wednesday, Plummies! If you don't already know that I love trying out new things in terms of fitness; Now you know! Staying active is a huge part of my life. Interestingly enough, my boyfriend and I met in a gym; I was working, and he was working out, but that's a story for another post. 

Back in the day, I used to pole vault, play doubles tennis, volleyball, and softball. Now days, I hit the gym, jog, bike, and do yoga. There are a few things I still haven't tried pilates, rock climbing, and stand-up paddle boarding, not to mention, get better at surfing. Might as well make use of living so close to the beach, right?!

This weekend I will cross one thing off my Fitness Bucket List: Pilates. You can read more about what Pilates is here.

Have any of you tried Pilates? 
What ways do you like to stay active?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pleats, Please!

                                                                       Source:  Source: 


Happy Fat Tuesday to all you Mardi Gras Lovers out there! 
Above are some wonderful pleats. Let me just say, I don't think there is anything more classic, lady-like, and elegant than a long, pleated skirt. Now-days, pleats come in all different lengths, colors, and patterns. You can check out my pleat rendition here. 

Alright, now I am off to walk my doggie Benny; perhaps I will stop by my corner coffee shop for a chai latte (Gosh, I am addicted!). It is just too fabulous outside to be cooped up on my computer all day. 
Enjoy your Tuesday, Plummies! XOXO

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tea for All

I can drink tea all day long. Here is a quick and easy tip for brewing large amounts of loose-leaf tea: Brew in a COFFEE POT!
All you do is:  
-Put about 3 large tablespoons of tea in a coffee filter (depending on how strong or mild you prefer).
-Fill coffee maker up with water.

3 minutes later, you have about 12 cups of freshly brewed tea that you can serve to all your friends, or for you to enjoy throughout the day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Snappy Snapshots

Bring on the weekend! It is President's Day weekend, meaning: it is a 3 day weekend for many. What are your plans? For me, nothing new; Just gonna use this time to lounge around at the park near my house, attend the usual beach yoga class, catch up on some homework, put away my heap of clean laundry, and try to attend an intro to photography workshop downtown. Who knows, maybe you guys will notice my photography skills improve! ;)

Mimosa anyone? :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tom's Ballet Flats?!

Tom's Ballet Flats?!

Many of you may despise me for saying this...I am not too fond of the traditional Tom's shoes. I know, I know, many people are obsessed and love them, I just happen not to be one of them. I think they kinda look like ninja shoes. However, I do love their concept; buy one pair, and Tom's will donate one pair to a child in need. With that said, after seeing Tom's new line, I think they may have won me over. I mean, how chic are these ballet flats?! According to my budget, they are a bit on the pricey side, but the charitable aspect makes me feel okay about spending the extra dough. 

I was sad to find that they are back-ordered online til further notice. They must be selling like hot cakes! I will try my luck at going to Nordstrom to see if they have any in stock. What are your thoughts on Tom's shoes?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Study Sesh

Study Sesh

When I am not at work or procrastinating online, you can find me nestled up on my couch, or at a coffee shop STUDYING! Yup, it's something that I have been doing for nearly 20 years, and let me tell ya...It's quite a skill, a skill that I have got down pat! 
Sure, sometimes my study sessions do not end up being as productive as I hope, but usually, if I get into "study mode" I get some serious work done.
In order to have a great study session, I need to plan for success. Here is how I do just that:
  • Estimate (realistically) how much time you need to accomplish your tasks. Ie: I am not the fastest reader in the world, so I give myself extra time to read my weekly articles. Also, I plan to take mini breaks if my study sessions are lengthy.
  • Pack your study bag properly. Look above to see what I pack.
  • Location, location, location. Know what kind of studier you are. Do you need complete silence? If so, you might not want to go to a bustling coffee shop; try out a library instead. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Attire

Love Attire

Happy Love Day, Plummies! Above is a similar outfit I put together last weekend. The faux fur vest makes it funky, and the lace makes it flirty. (I'll post pics on FB and Twitter soon.)

I love you all! Now I'm off to stuff my face with something chocolatey!

Pied a Terre lace dress, £169
Quiksilver faux fur vest, $119
Jessica Simpson high heels, $70
Anya Hindmarch clutch handbag, $395
Alex and Chloe heart shaped earrings, $90
Chain bracelet
Twirl 3.4oz Eau De Parfum, $80
Benefit High Beam, $26

Monday, February 13, 2012


 A bit of window shopping at The Lab in Costa Mesa, Ca.
 Much needed sister time <3
 I love globes! Of course, I had to pin point my next destination: SPAIN!

 Envisioning wearing this, and a bikini on the coast of Malaga, Spain...Ahhhh, June get here quick!
This weekend came and went in a blink. I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with my sissy-poo. Yes, we are identical twins :) I am reminded how much love I have for her each time we get together; Which is maybe once a month due to my crazy school schedule and the demands of her new job. Luckily, we are only about an hour drive and a quick phone call away.
Sometimes life's pesky tasks get in the way of relationships. I am one to admit that I do not make enough phone calls to friends I love, but hey...who does? I am grateful that texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now this very blog is around, because it keeps me instantly updated on the happenings of my dear friends, and relatives who seem a billion miles away. Social media has done a great job of putting a band-aid on my heart when I am missing those I love. Thank you, World Wide Web :)

How do you all K.I.T?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Guess where I'm headed!...




 I have decided that after graduation this May, I will celebrate by going on a trip to gorgeous SPAIN! I have never been before, so I am very excited to explore the country. I keep hearing how mesmerizing all the architecture is, how delicious all the food is, and how stylish all the people are.

If any of you Plummies have ever been, I would love to hear which places I need to visit, beaches I need to lay at, restaurants I need to indulge in, shops I need to spend at, and so forth. 

Does anyone else have the travel bug? 
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