Friday, August 3, 2012

Let's be BRIEF!

Let's be Brief!

J.Crew leather handbag / John Lewis leather wallet, $86 / Tech accessory / Retro hat, $9.84 / Face makeup, $11 / Gee Beauty red lipstick, $28 / Asos Quilted Stud Laptop Case

C'mon Plummies, we all know how much we love a great purse, right? But how 'bout us working gals who need something a bit more practical? Sometimes a dainty or fancy purse just aint gonna cut it. I need utility! So, it makes sense to reach for a...briefcase. You know, those classic things that your dad use to bring to his 9-5? Yup, a briefcase! It fits a laptop, a book, notepad, and all the other essentials that you need to be fabulously productive throughout your money makin' day. So go on, grab one.
(Even better if your briefcase has a shoulder strap for comfort.)


  1. I have a bag that totally looks like a brief case, I love it!!

    It was so nice meeting you, I have been checking out your blog for like over an hour and I love it. Congrats on your masters and engagement =)


    1. Ellie, the feeling is mutual! I loved meeting you and your sissy. You have an amazing blog and I can tell there is plenty of passion behind what you do. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. loving your blog dear! it was really nice to meet you this last saturday!


    1. Lucia, Yes! It was so nice to meet you! Have fun in SF on your bday. Say hi to DJ Eddie for me.


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