Thursday, February 19, 2015


Let’s talk about striving.  You know, that urge, impulse, nagging feeling, intuition, and dream to accomplish more?

Like many of you, I am someone with a perpetual list of to-dos, want-to-dos, and need-to-dos. Certainly, there are things that simply have to get done in order for life to remain calm and chaos-free. Things like: getting headlights repaired, doing taxes, and getting enough rest. But, those things are not my strivings; those things are my do-ings.

Strivings are quite different. Strivings are the MUST do. You know, those things, activities, adventures, goals, moments that you go after because they bring depth and color into your life? Yea, those things.

Think about it this way: The concept of striving can be synonymous with hustling.

The term “hustle” has become so catchy…and for good reason. That drive keeps us on our toes, keeps things vibrant, and keeps us constantly evolving.  On occasion, the hustle may intimidate us; Remember, growing pains are painful, but oh-so necessary. It’s in the hustle that we understand who we truly are. This striving informs us of what is important to us. Throughout the day, when you take notice of that “need-to-hustle”, embrace it.

What things have you been striving for lately?  

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