Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Healthy Me!

Good Tuesday morning to You! Every morning I typically roll out of bed and head straight to the kitchen to brew up my latte. While my Nespresso machine is hard at work, I open the cupboard and reach for my daily vitamin medley. 

-Women's gummie multi-vitamin (all the essentials) 
-Omega 3 / Fish Oil Gummies (raises HDL "good cholesterol", fights cancers, and the list goes on...) 
-Biotin (great for hair, skin, and nails)

Read more about the benefits of Omega 3 vitamins here

Do you take vitamins daily?


  1. I did! But the last time I tried to take a multi, I threw it up 15 minutes later. Yuck! That had never happened to me before.

    Do you like those fish oil pills? The other ones I've tried make me burp up fish taste (ha sorry for such a vulgar post.)

    1. Meghan, I used to get a really upset stomach when I used to take vitamins too, but then I noticed that I was taking them on an empty tummy...major no-no! It also helps that the ones I take are gummies; easier to take, and much more delicious, also like gummy bears! Also, the Omega 3s that I take are in powder pill form, so they don't leave a fish tasting residue in my mouth, trust me, Ive had those gel ones before. Good luck!


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