Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding Series: The Engagement Shoot

Engagement Photoshoot

white dressesJ.Crew shift dress / Dorothy Perkins white dress / Mini dress

Location, Location, Location...


Happy Monday, Plummies! Yup, here is another installment of "Wedding Series". Today we are focusing on the engagement photo shoot...something that you can always look back on over the years and then share with generations to come. 

I would like to share with you some ideas I have about attire and location of the shoot. Remember, your entire wedding, and everything leading up to it should embrace your unique style and personality as a couple. 

While reading wedding blogs and learning about photography, I have come to understand that keeping your attire casual, comfortable, and neutral is perhaps the best way to remain relaxed and YOURSELF during your photo shoot. The last thing you want to be worried about is tugging your itty-bitty skirt down the entire time, sucking your tummy in, or adjusting your neckline. Also, make sure you scout out an environment that is special for you and your soon-to-be. Perhaps it is your favorite camping spot, the place you shared a first kiss, or the library that you met. 

Attire Tip: solid colors and large prints photograph best. Tiny prints and crazy patterns may overwhelm the photograph and take away from the subjects (you and your sweetie).

If you are still very confused on what to wear, and where to shoot, just ask your photographer. If he or she is a local photog, she will most-likely have great ideas on which location best fit your personality and style. After all, thats part of why we pay them the big bucks! 

Just remember to be yourself, dress comfortably, and have FUN!   


  1. Obvi the beach. That's a must. And I think wearing white, taupe, or even a bold primary color would be ideal. Also, what about doing some really cutesy fun shoots at your favorite local restaurants like Mika!? So cute and touchy since it was your first date :) xo

    1. Yea, the beach would be a very obvious choice for us, but I think we may be going a different route ;) Also, yea, Mika would be fun too. And yes, I am thinking either white or mellow yellow. Thanks for visiting!!! :)


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