Monday, May 13, 2013


Ok, I have been seriously contemplating chopping the mane. Honestly, I will probably wait until after the wedding, but right afterwards I wanna liberate myself from my long locks. There is something to be said about the effortless style and convenience that comes with shorter hair, and I want in! I am thinking: shoulder length, and plenty of long layers. If all goes well, I may perhaps ditch the granny bun, and actually style my hair every once in awhile. 

Have a fabulous, beginning of the week, Plummies! Xoxo


  1. Oh those hairstyles looks adorable! I think you will look great in whatever! lol


  2. You would look food even with noodles as hair. I say chop! Just for something fun and different. It will grow back ;)

  3. I love shoulder length hair! I think it really suits you and your face shape!

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