Thursday, December 20, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

I've been so caught up in work, interviews, and the bustle of holiday festivities that I totally forgot a very special anniversary...Lady In Plum's one year celebration! (which actually occurred 2 days ago on the 18th)

Can you believe it? It has been one solid year since LIP's very first blog post. I recall being extremely hesitant about making the blog public. I was scared of criticism, worried about what others would think, thought: "As a therapist, this would be completely unprofessional", and worried that I might not have the stamina to keep it going. Well, here we are, one year later...and posts are still going up pretty regularly. Albeit, not as frequently; I shall work on that...

To my delight, all my worries have been debunked. I have to say, that putting myself and my thoughts out into the blogosphere has brought about nothing but more love and a larger sense of community into my life. I have met some wonderful people through this platform, and I am so grateful for all the continued support. Cheers to LIP's 1st year, and cheers to many, many more! 

PS. Plenty of you are requesting more snapshots of outfits and other day-to-day-types of posts...I will do my best to do so bc they are so much fun, but it can be difficult to find time when Karl is available to snap some shots. But, we shall try! Otherwise, you can catch outfits on my instagram: @sheelo

Have a wonderful day and good luck on those last minute shopping trips! Xoxo

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