Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wedding Series: Perhaps St. Lucia?...

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                Top of Tuesday morning to ya! Amidst wrapping presents and humming holiday songs, my mind seems to always wander to wedding details. Lately, Karl and I have been bickering deciding on where to go for our Honeymoon. Yes, yes, I am sure you are all wondering why we are planning so far in advance. After all, the wedding isn't til next September. But the truth is, traveling is expensive! So, we figured, the sooner we know where we wanna go, the easier it will be to smooth out all the plans, buy airfare and book accommodations well in advance so we can assure ourselves a great rate on our trip.
                 We both agree that we want to spend our honeymoon somewhere warm. Karl wanted to go the quick and easy route and just head to Maui. Now, we have both been to Hawaii many times, yet neither of us have been to Maui. I have heard that Maui is beautiful, and much different than the other islands, but honestly, I want to spend my honeymoon somewhere I have never been before, even if it takes a full travel day to get there. <---And this is where Karl disagrees. He much rather spend less time in the air (He kinda doesn't like planes. Poor Karl).
                Recently, I came across resorts in St. Lucia, and gosh, It seems so beautiful there! For those of you who don't know, St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean. Staying at the Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort is probably going to be where we will end up! Yay, I was able to convince Karl!  Now we just need search for deals on airfare and what not. Any suggestions?

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