Friday, February 1, 2013

Love(ly) Month

Oh, Hello February, how nice of you to arrive. I know that you will have plenty of fruitful moments in store for myself and my loved ones. 

Tis the month of "love", which is kinda silly, bc every month should be focused on that very sentiment. In my mind, it's just another great excuse to wear bright pink lipstick, eat chocolate (yes, I am still on my fast, but I will make an exception for the 14th), and fill the house with pale pink flowers. 

Valentines day will be HUGE this year...there is a special moment that I am looking forward to, yet cannot quite reveal just yet. I'll give you more details once it happens, promise.

Oh, here is an update on the never ending job hunt: I am getting extremely close to finding an amazing gig, I can feel it! I am certain things will pan out in the next week or so, and when it does I will let ya'll in on it. In the mean time, I will be hustlin' like a mo'fo with my practice, babysitting gigs, mentoring students, volunteering, and attending local therapy workshops. I have realized that I know how to keep myself quite busy...Ahhhhh, life, it never gets dull.


Have a stunning first day of February, Plummies! AND, let's go Niners!!!

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