Friday, February 8, 2013

The Hunt is Over!

Ahhhh, so many wonderful things are happening this month, it's unreal. 

The never-ending job hunt ENDED yesterday! Praise the Lord! I still have to sign the contract and go through weeks of training, but man does it feel good to have all of the countless weeks spent applying and interviewing pay off (literally)! 

I will be honest here, the past few months have been extremely difficult at times. Finances were stretched, wedding expenses were piling up, I was not getting the jobs I thought I deserved. My confidence began dwindling. I thought, "What the heck! Is this suppose to be this difficult?" But you know what, I just had to keep reminding myself that things will happen, and they will turn out the way they are meant to turn out. I had to let go of trying to control the situation, because otherwise, I would be grumpy and bitter...and who wants that? The past few months tested my patience and allowed me to intentionally focus on the things that I was grateful for in my life. For that, I am a stronger, more patient, and an even more optimistic person. I am thankful for this waiting game, because it has humbled me. 

In addition to beginning this new position, I will continue to steadily growing my therapy practice, AND Karl and I will be hitting another milestone. We will be saying good bye to our little ol' beach bungalow and hello to a new, swanky one about 15 mins inland. We've decided that we want a fresh new spot to begin our soon-to-be married lives...and the luxury of an on-site gym, pool, and personal washer and dryer doesn't hurt either. Yay, no more scrambling for quarters!

For all of you who are striving for something great. Keep at it. Be patient. And most importantly, focus on practicing gratitude for the things that you already have. 

Cheers to life (and all of it's adversities)!


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