Monday, April 8, 2013

Office Chic

Office Chic

Chiasso Associate Office Chair - White / CB2 Tps Mint File Cabinet / Georg Jensen HK clock with alarm, stainless steel, $140 / John Robshaw Gold Thank You Stationery / Lemon Sunshine Yellow and Black Decor You Make Me So Happy Phrase... / Essey - Pen Pen Holder, $19 / Acrylic Stapler | / Swedish Art Deco Desk or Table Lamp in Polished Brass / Jimmy Choo Rika mirrored-leather coffee cup sleeve / IKEA Flyt

Some days work truly feels like work; And no matter how many pep-talks you give yourself, or how much caffeine you consume, finishing that one task just seems so difficult. 

Today was one of those days. 

However, I've noticed that since sprucing up my home office, I've actually been more productive. Perhaps its the calming colors, or the physical order of the space that calms me and allows me to stay on task. Who knows! Either way, organized and chic is better than chaotic  and bleak! hehe ;)

Have a productive day, Plummies!

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