Monday, April 1, 2013

The Perfect Bag

The O.M.G. (Overnight & Medium Gym) Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

People! I hate to get all giddy over material possessions, but would you look at this bag! Like,'s kind of everything I was hoping for. 

My typical work day keeps me out of my house from 8am-8pm. I go from seeing clients at the school in the morning til late afternoon, to seeing clients at my office in the evening, with little to no break in-between. So, carrying around my daily essentials is crucial. I need to have my laptop, tons of healthy snacks, and various office supplies and clinical forms on hand. For awhile, I've been lugging around 2 canvas tote bags (not the most polished-looking by any means). Now, I may only need one sleek little bag! 

Cheers to convenience and mobile organization! All you busy, on-the-go ladies know what I mean!

*Also, this could work as a discrete uni-sex diaper bag! (Wow, now I am just getting ahead of myself.)

PS. Happy day of birth to my twin sister and I! Yippy for another year of blessings <3

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