Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time of Fasting

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If you know me, you know that my obsession with chocolate is, well, kinda out of control! Same can be said for a good latte.

Over the last year, I have become habituated to the routine of: waking up in the morning, reaching for my cell phone, checking emails, Facebook, Instagram (all from my bed, and I am usually still laying down). Once that has been accomplished, I head straight for the kitchen, fire up my Nespresso machine, scramble up some eggs, and bring my meal to the living room wherein I watch about 15-20 mins of my favorite Youtube channels before tossing my dishes in the sink and getting ready for my day.

That exact routine happens pretty much 90% of the time. Which is fine, but recently I've found that when I don't get around to checking my social media sites, having my coffee, having my daily bite of chocolate, or watching my Youtube, something feels...off!

Am I addicted to those things? Do I depend on them too much? Could I benefit from mixing things up?

After thinking about those questions, and attending an inspirational church service on a similar topic, I have come to my answer: YES, I am addicted to those things to some degree. So, to challenge myself to not depend on those external factors for fulfillment throughout the day, I will fast from them for 40 days.

What?! No Facebook, no Instagram, no Youtube, no coffee, no chocolate, no dairy!? Being without the comfort of my routine, will surely be trying. Hopefully I will come out of this fast with a renewed awareness that I do not need anything external. This time will allow me to focus my energies on things that are more important, and to prove to myself that I am going to be fine without being dependent on the things that I assume bring me comfort and joy.

Are there things that you have become accustom addicted to? What if you took a break from those things? How else would you spend your time, money, energy? 

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