Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Date, or not to Date...

Happy Thursday afternoon, Plummies! After a work meeting this afternoon I found myself hungrily roaming the isles of my neighborhood Trader Joe's. Gotta love that place. I picked up a few things to throw in the crockpot for dinner, and also happen to grab some healthy snacks. Two of which being: dried dates and dehydrated banana chips. Wow! Who knew that this combination could be so satisfying?! The chewiness of the dates paired with the crisp-crunch of the banana made for such a delicious mid-day treat.

Yes, I am still going strong with my coffee/ chocolate fast (read the last post for more info). So plugging more fruit into my diet is giving me the natural boost of energy I need while also calming my sweet tooth.

What are your favorite fruits during the winter months?


  1. I love dates or any dried fruits! Trader's Joes are definitely the best.

    1. I couldn't agree more! Such a healthy and natural option. Thanks for visiting!


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