Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspired by: Artist, Charmaine Olivia

Source: booooooom.com 

Hey Plummies! If I had a past-life, I imagine I would have been an artist. I find that sometimes language can be so limiting in terms of expressing emotions, thoughts, and ideas. I believe that expressive art forms such as: dance, music, acting, and painting are often more accurate in portraying feelings than any spoken word could ever attempt. Perhaps, it is because these forms of expression are not confined to words,  therefore allow the creator a wider platform to showcase the concepts that reside within her heart and mind.

Above is the brilliant work of artist, Charmaine Olivia (even her name is amazing!), whom I found while stumbling through Instagram. Her art makes me want to pick up my old paint brushes and roll out some canvas. Bravo!

What inspires you?


  1. woah, talk about orignial! I like!! X

    1. I know, isn't Charmaine an amazing artist?! I hope to one day have a studio and just paint away for fun.

  2. OMG how amazing is her work! I'm in love with everything! And I'm pretty sure I've seen some of her work over on Tumblr somewhere (pretty sure it was uncredited too) but now I know who it's by! Awesome find and a HUGE thanks for sharing!


    1. Your welcome my dear. I am glad that there are others out there that share in the same passion for art and appreciating great talent. Do you have any artists that I should know about?


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