Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chronicles of Me

Diary Nostalgia

Have you ever kept a diary or journal? I did when I was little. Now, it currently resides within a box in my mom's garage. Lately I've been curious about reading it. I guess one tends to  reflect back on life with age, and as one chapter of life closes. Right now, I am at a turning point, saying good bye to my identity as a student (something I have been for about 21 years), and accepting my new identity as a "professional" woman.

Parts of me are completely exhausted with school and have been yearning to reach the finish line, and other parts of me are content right where I am. The idea of "growing up" seemed so enticing when I was younger, yet now, I don't know if I ever want to stop being a carefree kid. Maybe it's all in my head? Well, of course it is...because who says I need to be anything more than what I am anyway?

As an adult, with my long list of responsibilities, I will put being childish at the top of my priorities.

Have fun today people!     

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