Monday, May 14, 2012

I Be Rollin'

Wow, I'm actually pleased with the outcome!
Previously: Waiting in skepticism for a brief 10 mins...

Happy Monday, Plummies! I hope everyone was able to celebrate mother's day in some fashion yesterday. LOVE YOU MOM!
This morning's topic: Hot rollers. Yup, those ancient things that our mothers and grandmothers used to use. Well, as they say, "Mother knows best!" Yesterday I wondered into Ulta and found myself a rather affordable set. Only $26 for a set of 20 rollers. It is dummy-proof! All you do is plug it in, wait 2-3 mins, roll away, wait 10-30 mins (depending on hair texture and thickness) and voila! 

I waited only 10 minutes to achieve the look above. But I would probably wait another 5 minutes next time. My hair is naturally wavy and holds curls pretty well. Those of you who have pin-straight hair may need to wait the full 30. Watch the link below to learn how to get great curls and volume.

OH! PS, I found this set, which would be great for traveling! I might have to go back and grab it. 

Happy Rolling!


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