Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Packing for Spain

Packing for Spain!!!

Happy Wednesday, Plummies! Wow, what an amazingly gorgeous day it it outside. I just got back from a lovely brunch at Crest Cafe in Hillcrest with my wonderful therapy friends/ colleagues. It is going to be sad saying good bye to many of them as we transition from Marriage and Family Therapy graduate students to interns
Above is a bunch of similar items I will be packing in my suitcase to Spain! Ugh, can June 18 get here already?! If any of you guys have already traveled to Spain, I would love to hear some recommendations on places to eat, shop, lounge, sight see. 

LAST NIGHT:  I had an amazing opportunity to have dinner with Youtube's LuxyHair team: Mimi, Leyla, and Alex. Thank you guys for great conversation, food, and laughter <3 Check out the evening's Instagram snapshots here and here
Below is a youtube clip of Mimi and Leyla's outfit of the evening. They were so stunning (inside and out).


  1. Must go to a tapas bar! that is for sure, spend as much time at the Mediterranean because its amazing and you wont see water that beautiful again, and make sure you get shopping and eating done before siesta because almost EVERYTHING closes for that 2 hours. Be ready to eat late because locals in Spain have dinner around 8-9:30 pm at night, buts its sooooooooo much fun! i can't wait to go back, its such a gorgeous place. Be ready for the heat though...

    1. Felish, Thank you so so much for all this wonderful advice! I will definitely be on the Mediterranean coast as much as possible! :)

  2. WOW I love them!! best of all, you are from San Diego like me!! I wish I had a chance to meet them too, they seem like down to earth girls :)

    1. Paulina, Hi! I am so happy that you reached out to me! How did you happen to stumble upon my blog? I just checked yours out. Very cute. Nice to find a fellow SD blogger. :)


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