Friday, May 11, 2012

The Sheer Maxi

Sheer Maxi Dresses

Happy late Friday afternoon, Plummies! TGIF! Wow, today felt extra long at work. I am so glad to jump into bed for a quick blog break and nap before seeing clients later on this evening. Speaking of long days, our San Diego days will be getting longer and WARMER very soon because Summer is just a few weeks away.

In anticipation for summer, I will be on the look out for comfy dresses. The ones above are sheer maxi dresses, which can be spotted all over runways and nearly ever store. They are fun because they truly are the best of both worlds;  a short and long dress all in one! Pretty clever.

Ladies, would you rock the Sheer Maxi? Men, are they hot, or not?

There are also some rather affordable ones at Forever21 and Gloss Boutique.


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