Thursday, February 9, 2012

More ZZzzz please!


Rise and shine Plummies! I am hands down, a morning person. Yup, I'm that annoying person who is humming to myself and bright-eyed when the rest of the world is half-asleep and groggy. There is just something so tranquil and sacred about having those few bits of calm before the motor of the world starts revving it's engine. 

With that said, I am noticing that I haven't been as chipper these past couple of mornings. I did some intensively deep thinking, and came to a probable hypothesis: too. little. sleep.

With this being my last semester of grad school, I am feeling as though there is suddenly so many things to wrap up and get done. Hence, my days have been longer, and I haven't been consistent about getting my cheeks in bed at a reasonable hour. This lack of sleep has definitely caused me to hit my snooze button way too many times, and to feel lethargic throughout the day. 

So, in order to get back to loving my mornings, I will aim to be in bed no later than 11pm and get a solid 8 hours of Zzzz per night. (I am thinking of posting my night time wind-down routine...)  


  1. Haa!!!..i like to sLeep in on weeKends bt i jus canT..i alwaYs waKe up arounD 8...wiFey sLeeps guess i jus donT liKe to wasTe the day..especiaLy on a suNNy dayyy :D

    1. Yea, I feel the same way about wasting a sunny day! I feel like I need to be galivanting around somewhere when it's bright and warm outside.

  2. Really cool gadget that you and especially Karl might like is Lark. It wakes you up silently and uses the iPhone or iOS device.


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