Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The A-Z of Me

(Look at me with Bangs! Should I get them again?)
Happy Tuesday, Plummies! I feel it is probably time to get better acquainted with ya'll. Read on to learn more about yours truly. 

Age: 25, soon to be the big 2-6!
Bedsize: Tempurpedic Cali King (yuuuuuup, it's pretty amaze.)
Chores that you hate: Let's see: putting away laundry, cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, I am sure there are more...
Dogs:  Benjamin (aka: Benny, see him in action here.). He is a Mexican doggy that we rescued. Half weenie, half rottweiler (I know, weird! Don't ask how it happened.). 
Essential start to your day:  My delicious latte from my Nespresso machine (Starbucks has nothin' on that bad boy.) 
Favorite color: Well, Plum, of course!
Gold or Silver:  There is room for both on my fingers. But more so gold these days.
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (I used to want to be shorter.)
Instruments you play: Piano.
Job title: MFT Grad student, and phlebotomist.
Kids: My furry little Benny-Boo.
Live: Sunny San Diego. :)
Mother's Name: Sally. At times, I like to call her "Sal".
Nicknames: Sheel, She, She-She. Twink, Twinkie, Twinkle-Toes (last 3 used by my twin sissy.)
Overnight hospital stays: When I was about 9 months old, I was in the Philippines and contracted German Measles...I almost died, but God had other plans for me.
Pet peeves: I am pretty tolerant of most things...OH, when my bf leaves every cabinet, drawer, and door open. 
Quote from a song:  "Mr Webster could never define, what's being said between your heart and mine..."
Right or Lefty:  Righty-tighty.
Siblings: I have an older brother and twin sister. Check my brosef out here.
Time you wake up:  When I can sleep-in: about 9am. But usually: 6:30 am. When I needta work at the hospital: 4:40ish am.
Underwear: Uhhhh, yea.
Vegetable you hate: Raw carrots are nasty solo.
What makes you run late: Probably blog surfing, FB, Twitter, Pinterest...and talking with my boyfriend about something interesting.
X-Rays You've Had: My arm when I was 5. My brother thought it would be fun to trip me while I was running to the dinner table. 
Yummy food you make: I cook a mean omelette, and awesome salmon with grilled veggies.
Zoo Animal: How bout aquarium animal: Jellyfish!
Have a blessed day! Go out and do something you always wanted to do!


  1. You must have listened to my Keith Whitley/Allison Krause video, When you say nothing at all...LOL...if you haven't, do...one of my favorites..its on my page...and the pet peeved..that's me, I cant stand drawers and cabinet doors to be left open, my son inherited that from me too..lol
    Have a great day Sheilah la..that should be a nickname..lol..good job

    1. Yea, that song is one of my favs! It was basically the soundtrack of my trip to the Philippines when I was there celebrating my 15th bday.


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