Thursday, March 8, 2012

Organize: Yo' Kicks

If only I had a bigger closet (sigh...). The fact of the matter is: I don't. I live in a tiny bungalow right near the beach, so in order for me to afford a place with a decent closet, I need to be: a) outta school, and b) basically a millionaire. Now, I am not complaining by any means, I am grateful for my little space, it's just that I don't see "b" happening anytime soon, so I have to be creative about maximizing what little space I do have.

My shoes used to be in a jumbled up pile on the floor of this very closet; much like my belts. I was tired of rummaging through the heap to find a matching pair, so I drove my butt to The Container Store, and bought myself this amazing invention for only $29.99. This is so much sturdier than those cheapie, over-the-door pocket-style ones, and it holds up to 36 shoes! (but I can strategically fit about 40 on this bad boy.) Shoe problem solved!
If you are not lucky enough to have a Carrie Bradshaw closet, how do you organize your shoes? And, if you are: well, AREN'T YOU LUCKY! ;)


  1. This holds a lot more than the one I have from IKEA. I NEED this! Hehe

    1. Karla, got get one! Seriously, I love it, and now my shoes never find their way into a heap!

    2. PS. you can even have your shoes facing forward if u want. (But I think it's more difficult to hang your shoes on if the heel is in the back. FYI)


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