Friday, March 2, 2012

Classic Neon

Classic Neon
Do you ever notice being happier when wearing bright colors? I do. Something about putting on a colorful top, or wearing a pop of pink on my lips gets me in a better mood. There has gotta be some clout to that theory right?! Surely there are multiple research articles written by super smart people regarding this very topic... 
Anyhow, above is an outfit that I pulled together. I can see myself wearing this to any Spring or Summer special event. Or, throw on some flat sandals and run some errands in style.

Would you ever wear neon?

Martin Grant bubble dress, $1,300
By Malene Birger oversized blazer, $450
Christian Louboutin strappy high heels, $895
Clutch handbag, £60
Yellow gold earrings, $74
Stella McCartney vintage sunglasses, €202
H M leather belt, £7.99
Cotton Paper Envelope - 10pcs, $2.95


  1. I absolutely love neon! I tried on a pair or bright yellow shorts today and fell in love! :)
    Follow? :)

    1. Tori, I am glad you share the same love for neon! I really need go shorts shopping soon, the weather is getting warm here!


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