Friday, December 30, 2011

Comfort: Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

                                      Source: via Sheilah on Pinterest

                                      Source: via Sheilah on Pinterest

       Source: via Sheilah on Pinterest

This is perhaps the greatest food combo ever created! I mean, who doesn't enjoy warm, hearty tomato soup with toasty, gooey, grilled cheese? This sandwich is great with just cheese; or, you can add chicken, asparagus, tomato slices...basically anything. Oh, don't forget to top the soup off with basil, Mmmm!

These meals remind me of being at lola's (grandma's) house on cold rainy days. She would always fix up some soup or chicken pot pie to warm my siblings and I right up. What comfort foods do you recall from childhood?

 For a great tomato soup and grilled cheese recipe view Cupcake and Cashmere'e blog post here.


  1. My cousins and I would have biscuit and gravy eating competitions. Fun in the process but made for a sleepy morning!


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