Monday, December 19, 2011

Perfect Pair: Papaya & Prosciutto

Happy Monday, Darlings! We all know how delish cantaloupe and prosciutto are together...and that is exactly what I was in the mood for after work; However, my fruit basket only had one papaya...Hence the magical substitution! Viola!   

Papaya is not only delicious, but is a great source of vitamins A and C, beta-carotine and folate, which offer amazing cardiovascular, anti-inflamatory, and cancer fighting benefits.  In addition to papaya's health benefits, it can also be used to keep skin looking youthful.  See how you can use this fruit as a face mask here.


  1. Hey Sheel Love everything about this. Its fun, creative and helpful! So i wanted to ask you if you could find something for skincare, such as the eyes; something that helps prevents wrinkles, dark circles and brightens the eye area. Thank LOVe! love ya keep it up xoxoxo

  2. Jaskirn, you might want to watch these videos about eye circles, puffiness, and eye care. Lisa is an amazingly knowledgable pro makeup guru.

    ENJOY! :)


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