Saturday, December 31, 2011

Must Read:

reader: Kindle
eyeglasses: Kate Spade
I figured that you all might enjoy a bit of a book list...So, here it is, a very short list of some of my favorite books, and a few (The Vow, Social Q's, and Mindfulness and Hypnosis) are next on my "To Read" list . Many of these books have contributed to my ability to live my life in a more balanced way. All of these selections can be found on amazon at really great prices. So, go ahead, bundle up on that favorite chair and get lost in one of these gems.


  1. Wait, when did you get a Kindle?! You should read The Hunger Games trilogy :)

  2. Xmas present...And yes, I should put that on my "to-read" list as well. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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