Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workin' Gal Get-Up



cardigan-Banana Republic

blouse & sunnies-F21

pants- Express

watch- Invicta

heels- Nine West

bag & bracelets- thrifted

Mid-week and off to work.  I don't know about you guys, but it feels like this week is taking forever...perhaps, it's because I am anxiously awaiting this Xmas weekend to arrive. I can't wait to take the road trip to mom's house and be surrounded with family. Keeping in touch with loved ones is not always easy; Trying to fit in phone calls, texts, and emails with them during the week can be challenging, yet somehow it happens. Whether it be a quick morning phone chit-chat with my sister while sipping my morning joe, or calling back mom while in route to work (hands-free of course!), it gets done. How do you stay connected to loved one?


  1. LauRa n i like ur blog!...its funy cuz laura n i wur talkin bout doin one of those uTube blogs..shes always watching those makeup jk..btw wut kinDa caMera do u haV??..

  2. Char-Les, I'm glad you two enjoy it :) Warms my heart. I use an SLR cannon rebel 3. Good luck! :)


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