Friday, December 23, 2011

Office S.O.S

Ok, clearly my home office needs a bit of help. This Ikea furniture is not the highest quality, but it is extremely functional, not to mention very affordable. For now, I am going to keep them...but, I definitely need to add some chicness to this space. Because I am a full-time student, who also works part-time, I need an office area to study, pay bills, plan events, and basically coordinate my LIFE! Due to the two large windows, this desk also doubles as a vanity table. I can imagine spending a good chuck of time in here during the day, so I want to create a tranquil and beautiful environment. I know I need at least one more filing cabinet in addition to wall decor and accent pieces. I am thinking I want to stick with a cool color theme. I guess it's off to Pinterest and Apartment Therapy for more innovative ideas for small office spaces. Any suggestions/ tips for me?

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