Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Car Essentials

Car Essentials

My life is very busy. I am constantly running errands, attending meetings, going to and from class and work...a big chunk of my day is spent traveling to those various places in my car. That is why it makes sense to utilize and stock my car in a way that makes life convenient and functional. Above is a video of Maria Menounous (one of my role models), as she explains what things are crucial to keep in your car. 

An organized car = An organized life    

Below, is a list of things that I keep in my car, and you might want to keep in your car too!

  • driver's license and registration (photocopy's of both)
  • notepad and pen
  • water bottle
  • granola bars
  • flash light
  • umbrella
  • sweater
  • hat
  • coins
  • sunblock
  • navigation system (I have an affordable Magellan, that sticks right on my windshield.)
  • earbuds (so you can talk on your phone hands-free)
  • cell phone charger
  • flats (for when your heels need to come off!)
  • flip-flops (for the unexpected pedi...I hate the flimsy ones that they give you at the salon.)
  • gym bag (fully stocked, so you have no excuse to squeeze in that workout.)
  • re-usable grocery bags
  • overnight bag (equipped with: toothbrush, change of clothes, makeup basics, travel size toiletries) 


  1. Since moving to OC, I'm itchin' to get the Magellan. The iPhone just isn't cutting it when I am trying to learn the ins and outs of OC.

    1. SherylO, Yea, it is perhaps the best $50-$100 purchase ever. It is my map to the world! (literally) You will enjoy it. ;)

  2. Hiiiiiiii sheiler ;) it's jo h! I love your blog! This is a great post, the only thing id say is to watch out for putting water bottles in your car for an extended amount of time (if used for drinking rather than for emergency car fluid replenishing)... The reason being that when the car heats up from bein parked in the sun, the plastic bottles emit toxins.. Maybe try those reusable stainless steel or glass bottles? (aluminum does the same thing when heated over long period of time) Just my two cents :)

    1. Jo, Thanks for the info! Does it matter if the water bottle is in your trunk away from direct sun; thus in a cooler temp? Otherwise, your right, stainless steel is best! :) Thanks for looking' out ;)

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