Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cha-Ching!: Money Talk

Cha-Ching!: Money Talk

Marc by Marc Jacobs leather wallet

Hey there, Plummies! Let's have a money conversation...
My mom taught my siblings and I how to be smart with our money. She taught us that: "Money does not grow on trees", and that we should: "Always try to save up for a rainy day". She would give us a weekly allowance of $5 upon completion of all our household chores. After weeks of saving up, we would be able to buy any toys our hearts desired.

Now-a-days, I am constantly attempting to hold on to those same money lessons. 
  • I try not to spend more than I earn. 
  • When possible, I shop either discounted or second-hand. 
  • I try to pay off my credit card every month...otherwise, I will be paying tons of interest! (*Opening a couple credit cards in your own name is necessary for building good credit, and is great for emergencies; However, be smart about using them!)
  • Every six months I take an inventory of what I spend, then I cut back on what seems unnecessary (i.e: I do not have cable at home; I just don't have the time to watch, and the internet seems to have it all!)
  • Most importantly, I create a realistic budget that I can stick to! 
The most brilliant way that I have found to help me manage my finances and create a budget is with Mint. It helps me: track all of my spending habits, organize automated bill payments, plan my college loan repayments, and even helps me plan for vacations and retirement! It is free, so you should probably get on board, like...right now! 

Click here to begin being smart with your own money.

What tips do you have in regards to money?


  1. Love it Sheilah! I am guilty of constantly buying unnecessary things! My kids save money better than I do. Great topic!

    1. Cheryl, that means that you must have taught them something right! :)


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