Monday, January 9, 2012



Happy Monday afternoon, Plummies! It's day 4 of my 2-Week Challenge, and I am going strong! I hit the gym, attended a dance/ movement therapy workshop, and attended a beach yoga class over the weekend. Above is a great example of what I wear/ bring to a typical beach yoga session (sunblock is so crucial!) The classes I go to are broadcast live every Saturday and Sunday 10-11:30am Pacific Time. If you want to tune in and join in on some yoga-fun this coming weekend you can click here. You might even spot me in the crowd of yogis! 

If you haven't begun the challenge yet, you can always jump on the bandwagon today! If you have already begun, How has your 2-Week Challenge been going?   
Wildfox Couture heart shirt, $149
Agent Ninetynine long tank top, $30
Manuka yoga legging, £18
Old Navy yoga activewear, $15
NIKE yoga bag, £32
Buy Banana Boat Sunblock Spray, Quick Dry Sport SPF 30 Online at... AffirmWater 26oz Stainless Steel I am...LOVE Water Bottle:..., $15
H&M Tube Scarf, £7.99


  1. I love Yoga. Good luck on the 2 week changelle.

    Also love your blog title. Really creative.

  2. My Mini Bag, Thanks for your kind words. I am actually about to head out for some cardio now...PS. how did you find out about my blog btw?


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