Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shopping Mode

Happy Thursday, Plummies! Today I don't have any obligations, and I am going to take time to relax and recharge before the last school semester of my master's program begins. I love it when I have a free day during the week because I feel as though the streets are clear, the stores are empty, and the city is all mine! 

Today's Agenda: morning workout, meet with a professor, a bit of shopping (I need some new pants), perhaps dinner date with the boyfriend, then catch a movie. 
Any movie suggestions? I'm curious, what do you do when you have a free day?


  1. If you haven't seen Mission Impossible 3: Ghost Protocol, that's super fun. Or, for an awards season pick: The Artist. You'll love it.

  2. Mani and Pedi's for me! They make a day off that much better :)

  3. Idk why it said i was unknown... i'm the female Karl! hehe


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